Year Two; Back on the Road: Bonnaroo, Nashville, Kansas City

At the end of last year's trip, there was a sense of nostalgia as we packed up our last event in Wilmington, NC, and headed home to Florida. Sitting along side each other in silence, we all reminisced of the great 50 day trip. It seemed to flash before our eyes so fast that we hardly had time to enjoy it. So many great people we met and so many beautiful places we saw, we knew our next trip to California would be even more eventful. 

This year, Lola is more equipped to accommodate our daily lives. We have spent countless hours preparing the bus for this upcoming trip. Adding a shower, sink, plumbing, a sound system, air conditioning, as well as a generator to help run it all. Life on the bus was sometimes a struggle, but this year we are finally ready to live sustainably on Lola.

Our first stop was Bonnaroo. We packed up the bus on June 8 and departed from Tallahassee around 8 PM. Arriving in Manchester, Tennessee on June 9th in the evening, our thoughts and hearts we racing. We spent the weekend enjoying the artists, people, culture, and enduring the extreme heat of Manchester. Sunday morning on June 12, we departed for Nashville to prepare for our next stop in Kansas City. Martin City Brewery is owned by two avid sailors, who loved the concept of our bus and business, and have invited us to throw an event at their brewery. Stay tuned for more videos, news and stories on our blog to follow our adventures!