All In

This past weekend was our biggest event of the trip, The Super Girl Pro, all women's surf competition in Oceanside, CA. Around 150,000 people and the world's best female surfers, all gathered to watch them "catch some tasty waves," as Spicoli would say. We loaded in Thursday and parked the bus amongst all the other vendor's booths, preparing for a long next 3 days. We met our neighbors, all of which were incredibly friendly and glad to have us. They sold everything from glasses to jewelry, popcorn to coconut water and the diversity drew in a large crowd. It was 3 long days in the sun, working from 7 to 7, but we had fun doing it and meeting those who stopped by. We spent some time hanging out with competitors such as Malia Ward, Brittany Peneroza, and Kahanu Delovio.

Connections were the most important part about this past weekend. In this industry, it's all about making a buzz, having our name being talked about. The surf/skate/beach apparel market has some of the most critical customers, and to break into that market is incredibly difficult. You are alongside names like Volcom and Quicksilver, two giants that have been around and established for years; so when you're new, you have to be different. Lola (The Bus) definitely gave us that edge. We were constantly hearing, "this is different" or "I've never seen a store in a bus before", which is exactly what we needed. To have that uniqueness really set us apart and helped us to stand out. Slowly but surely KOWASA is growing in California.


Stay tuned for our recap video of SuperGirl Pro. In the meantime, enjoy our video of Laguna Beach!