Its about who you know & what you know.

One of the main reasons we came out to California was to shake hands. 

A lot is happening here, between environmental conscientiousness and brand awareness, this is where you need to be. People here are willing to help, it is a different mentality than most places we have been to. Your goal is their goal and the saying "One hand washes the other" is not only true here, but also practiced. 

This week we had an event at Culture Brewing Co. where we met Zack, who ran the brewery. Not only did he welcome us with open arms, but he opened up his phone book and made sure to reach out to any and all sources that might be able to help us, and ended up getting us into a street fair in Ocean Beach this Wednesday. It is help like this that aids us in getting to the next town and creating more exposure and brand awareness. 

On Saturday, we were a part of Rubio's CoastFest Beach Cleanup, where we were able to further our conservational presence as a company. This is something we are very passionate about, and we are taking the steps to grow as an outlet for education on our ocean's current conditions. Just being there meant a lot to us and the locals, seeing as we are from the other side of the country, but we have the same mentality. 

Sunday morning rolled around and we made a wrong turn on our way the beach. In our case, there is no such this as a wrong turn, instead we made a right turn. On the side of the road was a group of young children who had set up a lemonade stand. We always love to support young entrepreneurs, no matter what the age. One of the children's fathers ended up being the founder of a popular extreme sport channel and loved what we were doing, can't wait to see where this connection takes us!

Just when we thought our Sunday morning couldn't get any better, we rolled up to Aliso Beach Park in Laguna Beach. We decided that after a successful day at Rubio's CoastFest, we would reward ourselves with a day under the sun and in waves. Not only did our close friend Cameron join us for this epic 8-hour skim session, we were blessed with presence of Austin Keen, Brandon Sears, and Sam Stinnett; skimboarders who have been crowned world champions of their sport. It was more than a show, it was art. It was incredibly humbling to be sharing waves with these guys, who immediately recognized our bus and welcomed us to join them. To end the day, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. July 17th, you were one for the books.