About Us


Three Friends and a Bus Named Lola


"We have created a company that reflects how we take in the world around us, producing clothing with nature and culture in mind. Clothing is constantly moving and changing art, and the best way to display an array of pieces in public spaces." -Zander


Zander, Connor & Joel are three friends, building a company together. Originally from South Florida, this dynamic trio created KOWASA Clothing Co. while they were in college. A company based around their Floridian upbringing and the ocean, the three have set out to create a label that has unique designs that are "nautically inclined". The brand is constantly evolving and progressing, trying to better the environment along the way by bringing awareness to the issues at hand.

Their store is based, well, no where. The store is in the retrofitted school bus which constantly is on the move around California and you can see it at events, concerts and beach cleanups. 

Explore our page and social media to catch a glimpse into the lives of the KOWASA Team.